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Christian Bella and Hamisa Mobetto Partner in New jam Dubbed Boss

When Hamisa Mobetto featured in Diamond  and Rayvanny’s  jam Salome, I believe most of us would not have known much about her.

I mean Hamisa clearly has clinched her place in the entertainment industry in East Africa. Hamisa now does music!

Her music seems to be picking up despite the little backlash she received when she started off in music.

Now she joins Tanzania’s celebrated Musician Christian Bella in their new Jam titled  “Boss”.


The song revolves around two lovers.A man that is working on impressing his woman by all luxuries that life can offer.

He tell her that he is the boss and she should not live in fear because he is the boss.

Hupaswi kukaa kinyonge ,ukiwa na mi Jiachie,

jihisi upo peponi, Ita rafiki zako,

kina nani Waambie, mbuzi iko jikoni

Ng’ang’ana na mimi nyota usafirie……………….

In the first Stanza he just professes the kind of love he feels for his woman.He tell her he is willing to spend on her and her friends on whatever they want. Ladies, do you see what I see?mmmh!!

Sema unataka nini?

Gari, pesa, manyumba madini

Bella further goes on to flaunt his riches to his woman. Praising her cooking and he even asks her what she wants during a party.

…...Kwenye party leo, Sema champaigne wanataka wapi? Gucci, unataka LV Ama unataka kuvaa D&G……Wueeeh!!!Where do this kind of men reside?Eishh!

When you thought you had seen it all Christian Bella goes on to ask her what kind of vehicle she will use when going for the shopping.

…..Utatoka na Ferrari  Ama unataka Lamboghini……..Aheeeemm!!!

Dear guys don’t cringe its just a car.


After the long stanzas comes in the Chorus telling us who the boss is.It is very repetitive that you’d think that was the guiding factor for the song’s beats.

……Wanasema Boss, boss boss Boss, me ndio boss Wanasema Boss, boss boss Boss, me ndio boss…...Clearly!

Hamissa comes in towards the end of the song, expressing her confidence in her man.We hope she get’s one soon!Too soon?

She says she will not leave him for anything because that kind of love is not, local.Ouch!

…..Baby wangu wewe, hii level si  Local local(local local) Ndio maana vyako vitendo si Local local(local local)….

Then comes some Congolese shenanigans that I too didn’t understand but I believe was good for the song.

In a nutshell,Christian Bella and Hamisa Mobetto outdid themselves in this song.


The song was produced by BMM music group and directed by Sasha Vybz. The song was Shot in Dubai.

The simplistic use of Swahili in the song gives it a unique vibe.The beat of the song too gives the urge to dance to it.

For rating we give 6/10.Watch and tell us what you think.

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