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Celebrities whose nude photos have been leaked – Weekly Citizen


We have quite a number of incidents where nude pictures of people, mostly women, have been leaked on the internet. Among celebrities it common for those who are money oriented as it attracts attention.

For some it seems as a normal thing and they will send out nudes to people who are not even their partners which end being used for revenge purposes.

Some celebrities release their nudes to create fame but it does not last as it comes back to haunt them for the rest of their lives.

In recent years we have been hit by a wave of such pictures on the internet , especially social media, where they spread fast just by one click.

Such cases  include Naomi Campbell, Desire Luzinda, Cinderella Sanyu, Kleith Kyatuhaire, Judith Heard and recently Ugandan Comedian  and  photographer Martha Kay.

Martha Kay

Comedian Martha kay

Comedian Martha Kay Nudes leaked

Martha Kay became a trending topic in Uganda since June 1st after her nudes were allegedly leaked by her boyfriend.

Other sources claim that the curved lady leaked the photos herself after being promised Ush 5M in cash by a high profile government official.

Speaking in an interview she admitted that her bedroom photos hitting the public never left her depressed despite people criticizing her.

“After social media found out the issues with my body parts, they have always criticized the size of my private parts saying that ‘I am like this’. I am like that. People have always had a lot to say about my body and it has actually made me embrace it because I can’t change my body parts. Now, whatever they say doesn’t offend me at all,” she said. 

Socialite Judith Heard

Judith Heard

For Judith Heard, a Ugandan socialite, it wasn’t that sweet for her as she was arrested by Kampala police in 2016 over her nude pictures and indecent video that were leaked via social media. The photos showed her extra-large pot and boob.

She told police that her nude pictures were leaked by her former boyfriend. She pleaded to be forgiven because she took the nude photos as part of her work as a model but not for the general public.

Former NTV(Uganda) presenter Kleith

For former NTV presenter Kleith Kyatuhaire whose nudes were leaked by unknown people story is different.

“My bag was robbed as I entered Makerere University through the small gate. Six months later, someone called and said they had my nudes. But I was so sure the phone that was stolen with the bag had nothing on it, so I told them to feel free to publish them,” Kleith  said.

“People had so many stories; they would say that they even have a video. I had even forgotten what those pics looked like. In fact if I knew, in this era how nudes are, I would have posed even sexier. So when they finally came out, I was relieved,” she added.

Model Mbekeka

Others whose pictures have been leaked include Commercial model Jemimah Mbekeka (in white towel) with lesbian lover who allegedly leaked their nudes

Recently Kenyans had something to talk about when model Naomi Campbell shared her nudes online. The nudes were taken at undisclosed location in Kenya. The nudes created mixed reaction from Kenyans on social media.

Model Naomi Campbell in a phoot shoot in Malindi

She took the photos for Vogue Magazine.

This provoked Kenyan controversial singer Akothee to threaten to post her nudes.

Other personalities who have been criticized for covering too little include Esther Passaris, Tanasha Donna, akothee and Vera sidika among many others. They expose too much for the general public.






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