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Daggers drawn in Meru politics as leaders plot to take on Kiraitu 2022 – Weekly Citizen

As Uhuru Kenyatta’s presidency hurtles into its midterm tenure, almost a half of his cabinet secretaries have started preparing for the next elections as they seek relevance in a post-Uhuru government.
In Uhuru’s first cabinet, tourism cabinet secretary Najib Balala and Kitui governor Charity Ngilu were the only politicians but the current pool of ministers has technocrats and former politicians in equal measure.

CS Munya

Trade cabinet secretary Peter Munya is among CSs who have come out to show interest in politics after the Uhuru era.
Recently, Munya attended a Party of National Unity meeting at Kasarani, Nairobi, where he gave signals of contesting the Meru gubernatorial seat in 2022.
The party, under which he its leader going into 2017 is out to revamp itself ahead of the next general election.
Munya does not disguise the fact that he is interested in recapturing the Meru governor’s seat he lost to Kiraitu Murungi in 2017 and hopes to have a strengthened PNU to take on the incumbent.
He has already been endorsed for the seat by a number of leaders from the county, including Senator Mithika Linturi and East African Assembly legislator Mpuru Aburi who said they are now shifting their support from Kiraitu to the CS.
Indeed, political temperatures in Meru county have been rising leading to what is now seen as a crack in the alliance between Kiraitu and Linturi.


The two political allies who rode to power through the Kikali (Kiraitu, Kajuju and Linturi) lineup are at loggerheads after the senator launched criticism of the county executive.
While a section of ward representatives initiated the debate of the 2022 governorship race in 2018, the cracks widened following the release of the Auditor General’s report for 2017/2018 financial year.
Linturi used the report to take a swipe at the governor when he addressed the Meru county assembly, forcing the governor and his allies to fight back.
The fallout between Linturi and Kiraitu comes even as Mpuru intensifies his campaign against the governor who is his former ally.
The Eala legislator has been rallying locals against the governor, through what he has dubbed No Peu (Kimeru for disappear) movement.

Senator Linturi

Recent reports indicate that the movement has already been reserved as a political party known as National Ordinary People’s Empowerment Union.
At the same time, some ward reps have taken advantage of the emerging political situation to propose that the governorship be a one-term rotational position for the three Meru subtribes of Imenti, Tigania and Igembe.
Munya hails from Tigania while Kiraitu is from Imenti and Linturi is from Igembe.
Before the 2013 elections, the leaders had agreed that the gubernatorial position be rotational where Munya was to serve for 10 years.
This debate was rekindled last year when MPs Kathuri Murungi (South Imenti) and Mugambi Rindikiri (Buuri) threatened to back Linturi for the top county seat in 2022, saying it is time for the Igembes to lead the region.
But it is the senator’s address to the assembly that heightened the emerging differences between him and Kiraitu

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