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Chief with loose zip goes into hiding – Weekly Citizen

A chief in Mumias has gone underground after four men accused him of having affairs with their wives in exchange for jobs.
Lureko location chief Leo Wanzala is said to have gone missing after complaints reached the sub county commissioner.
According to a businessman in Mumias town, the chief has continuously promised to help his wife secure a job as an enumerator in the census and taken advantage of her.
“He has been calling my wife saying he had some errands to run at the office in relation to the census and I thought he was sincere,” he said.
Speaking to Weekly Citizen in Mumias town last week, the business man said he had suspected and ambushed his wife and taken her phone and found nude pictures of the chief and her. He said he confronted the administrator who started threatening him to drop the matter.
Another man who is a sugarcane farmer in Lureko also accused Leo of seducing his wife who works at an Mpesa shop in Mumias town.
The victims complained that despite reports reaching the local commissioner, the chief has been bragging that he has sold land and was greasing his seniors in the district and province not to take action on him.
“He is very rude. He is bragging that we are wasting our time reporting the matter because he is untouchable,” said
Adam Ambani, another victim.
A source at the subcounty commissioner’s office says the DCC is aware of the case and is in the process of summoning the chief.
When Weekly Citizen visited the chief’s office, he took off at high speed realising that journalists wanted to talk about the infidelity cases. Residents are planning a demo against the chief.

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