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Rnaze kuja uskie udaku! Is Frankie Just Gymit dating Natalie Tewa?

Franke Just Gymit also known to the government as Frank Kiarie and his wifey (cause though they were common-law married, I am still unclear as to whether or not they ever did walk down the aisle), has been linked to two women in particular alot since breaking up with Maureen Waititu.

Have Maureen Waititu and Frankie Just Gym It broken up? (FULL DETAILS INSIDE)

The two women that Frankie Just Gymit has been linked with the most are Natalie Tewa and ironically enough, Michelle Ntalami.

‘Aww I love you Michie’ Whispers Fena to Michelle Ntalami

This would be a betrayal to his ex Maureen Waititu by these women because she considers them her friends so you can imagine why this would be cause for concern. And given that Maureen Waititu and Frankie Just Gymit are co-parenting, such a scandal can make things messy.

So he has come out to address the rumours like a good man and what he said is:

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