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50 cent takes aim at Rick Ross and Meek Mill (VIDEO)

50 Cent is currently on a media tour promoting his show Power. While on his promo run, he visited the Hot 97 studios in New York City and he was talking about the state of hip hop.

The convo eventually turned to discuss his sentiments on how things are going and 50 Cent, never shy about speaking his mind said the following:

Aaa! Look, look at dis! How can you be about prison reform and rap with a correctional officer? Its all tangled up. Everything is in a confusing space. Like… Look at what I just said. 

Rosenberg, the host of the show (Ebro wasn’t present) clarified that he is talking about Meek Mill and Rick Ross.

Rick Ross/ Instagram

50 Cent then went on deeper saying,

Like, if you go… Regardless of it you ccan partner wid it and just do what you gotta do because you just gettin on. But the reality of it is, it is what it is.

Which that video below:

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