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If you ask for money, you get advice : The Standard

Given a minute with a successful entrepreneur, what one thing would you ask about running a business?

Well, I got a chance to speak with TD Jakes on entrepreneurship and one thing stood out during our conversation; the need to have models before you go looking for mentors. Allow me to explain.
You can have different mentors for different areas of your life, as you should, but if you don’t have models of what you’re trying to be, it is like trying to build something that you haven’t seen.
“It’s hard to be what you didn’t see. So once you see it modelled in front of you, it becomes a lot easier to do it,” he says of his life, which he modelled after Dr Martin Luther King.

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“I was awed by him from a child’s perspective because my father was. And to see my father that impressed about something another man did with the microphone caused me to have a deep appreciation for the ability to be able to articulate that.” 
The one thing most entrepreneurs struggle with is capital. This is the reason he wrote Soar: Build Your Vision From The Ground Up.
Grab yourself a copy and find out how to go around the capital issue. To whet your appetite, there are ways your business can succeed without money.

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Like founder of Tambua Health says: “if you ask for money you get advice, if you ask for advice you get money.”

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