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Nyeri man falls unconscious after stealing his grandmother’s chicken ▷ Kenya News

A Nyeri man on Saturday found himself in the soup after he stole five chicken belonging to his grandmother.

The 23-year-old Chege sneaked in to his grandmother’s home after he learned that she had traveled to Nairobi.

According to a eyewitness, Chege went to the poultry yard and made away with five chicken and he eyed selling them off at the local market.

“I thought he had the permission to get the chicken because he is a member of that family,” said a neighbour who saw Chege access his grandma’s house..

He added that he came to realise that all was not well after the young man mysteriously collapsed at the market.

The neighbour says they walked together with Chege to the market and he claimed his grandmother had given him authority to sell the birds.

“We did not understand what happened to Chege because while he was in the market with the chicken he started talking to himself,” he said.

Members of the public were concerned about the development and tried to cool him down but Chege collapsed and fell unconscious moments later.

His grandmother was informed about the incident and said she was aware that there was a thief stealing from her poultry yard.

She was, however, shocked to learn it was her grandson stealing from the same investment that she uses to school him.

“The culprit will stay unconscious until I come back,” Chege’s grandmother told one of her neighbours on phone.

Chege’s grandmother had secured a pill from her native doctor Ndumba wa Ndumba who protected her property from intruders.

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