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“I was made a sex slave!” Rose Muhando’s heartbreaking story

To say Rose Muhando has had a rough couple of years, is quite the understatement. The singer has had such a rough time that at some time she herself believed she was under attack from supernatural forces.

Rose Muhando channels all her suffering into this amazing spiritual song

Rose Muhanda has since made her way to truly positive people who have wanted for the longest time to help her and we are seeing the results of her surrounding herself with positivity.

Rose Muhando Pastor Nganga

I did not chase away demons from the pits of hell! Pastor Ng’ang’a defends Rose Muhando video

Reverend Lucy Natasha was the first to reintroduce Rose Muhando to Kenyans and we cannot thank her enough because we have gotten back the Tanzanian gospel nightingale we had grown to love. She is back with spiritual jams that uplift our souls.

Rose Muhando has the strength finally to address her demons and she has addressed the fact that she was made into a sex slave. In a recent interview, she said this about her experience at the hands of pimps and evil, cruel men:

Sikutaka kuwa mtumwa wa ngono, sitaki hata leo. Potelea mbali hata kama yeye alitaka kuchukua vitu vyangu, akaamua kunitengenezea scandal sababu nilimkataa

And the story did not end there. She says her life was endangered when these same shadowy figures pulled a gun on her and pressed it to her head:

wani mara ngapi nimechukuliwa nikapelekwa milimani, nikapelekwa msituni nikawekewa bastola kichwani nikubaliane na kile ambacho sitaweza kulisema lakini nilikataa nikasema niko radi kufa lakini hata kwa dakika moja siwezi kubaliana na utumwa ambao walitaka kunitumikisha nao, siwezi!”

Rose Muhando’s is an intriguing story indeed.

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