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The forgotten hero

It was pomp and color as the country marked the 2019 Mashujaa Day, celebrating the country’s heroes and heroines who played a critical role in defining Kenya’s success story.

But amid the celebrations, some families of those who dedicated their lives to changing the course of Kenya’s history say they are yet to benefit from the fruits of self rule.

One such man is Samson Muindi Mbingu, a son to former freedom icon Muindi Mbingu. Samson in his old age, is nursing two broken legs. He has been this way for several months as the family is struggling to get enough money to meet his medical needs.

An unfortunate story of a heroes’ son who remembers too well how his father sacrificed his prime years in the struggle for Kenya’s independence.

The late Muindi Mbingu was a close friend of the country’s founding father Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, a friendship that saw them and several others midwife the country’s independence .

Muindi Mbingu’s home hosted several strategic meetings where plans to have a free Kenya were crafted, his third born Samson, was too young to understand what would later become Kenya’s great freedom story.

Muindi Mbingu is remembered for the famous 1938 Kamba destocking controversy where he helped the Kamba people to stop the mandatory seizure of livestock by the colonial government.

He was accused by the colonial government of associating with the Mau Mau Revolution and was later arrested and detained for seven years in Lamu, before his brutal murder in 1953.

After his death, life took a different turn for his family who say they have been struggling to make ends meet.

Even with a street in Nairobi named after him and a statue standing tall in Machakos County to honor Muindi Mbingu for playing a critical role in the attainment of the country’s independence, the family says they have little to show for it.








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