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Controversial Nairobi businessman Jayesh Saini goes underground

Controversial Nairobi businessman Jayesh Saini goes underground
Jayesh Saini

Controversial Nairobi businessman Jayesh Saini has gone underground after many scandals were blown by social media users, that have been demanding for his arrest and prosecution.

Jayesh Saini has been accused of manipulating state tenders where he bribes government officials to win multibillion tenders, that are now under the sharp microscope of Kenyans on social media.

In 2012, Jayesh was involved in a scandal where he colluded with NHIF to receive exorbitant payments for treatment. Over Ksh. 92 million was paid to his company Clinix Healthcare Limited.

Since these reports surfaced online, Jayesh has since shut down his official website and all social media accounts in a bid to hide information from Kenyans.

Jayesh Saini has been controversially awarded a Ksh. 36 Billion tenders to provide a medical cover for the teachers, we have been told. The other companies that participated in the tendering have linked the Nairobi Businessman to bribery of the Teachers Service Commission officials to win the tender.

Reports have confirmed to eKenyan News that Jayesh prepared a bribe for the teachers service commission CEO Nancy Macharia in order to stop any “Noise”. The Kenya National Union of Teachers officials were also bribed by Jayesh Saini.

The unholly alliance between KNUT, TSC and Jayesh Saini was recently exposed by tweets made by the below account revaling that something was given out by the corrupt businessman.

Kenyans on social media want the deal to be suspended, and Jayesh arrested. They have also questioned why his companies have not been blacklisted from doing business with government even after the 2012 clinix scandal where taxpayers lost billions to the corrupt businessman.

Clinix is registered in tax havens to evade taxes , conceal ownership and launder taxpayers monies.

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